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What are the differences between dry mixed mortar and wet mixed mortar?

Author: admin Release Date: 2023/5/9 Views: Qr code sharing
Ready-mixed mortar refers to a variety of mortar mixes produced by specialized manufacturers and used in construction projects. It is a new building material developed in recent years in China。According to different production methods, ready-mixed mortar can be divided into dry mixed mortar and wet mixed mortar two categories。So what are the differences between dry mixed mortar and wet mixed mortar?

Dry mixed mortar is a dry mixture that evenly mixes dry materials and is supplied in bulk or bag form. It needs to be used after adding water or supporting liquid at the construction site and stirring it evenly。The storage period of dry mixed mortar is longer, usually 3 months or 6 months。

Wet mixed mortar is a wet mixed mixture composed of all components including water, which can be used directly on the construction site, but it needs to be used before the mortar sets, and the storage time is not more than 24 hours。

The difference between dry mortar and wet mortar:

1. Mortar state and storage time are different

Wet mortar, the finished product storage time is short, not more than 24h, need to be used within the specified time, otherwise it will condense and harden, can not be used, so it requires a large number of manual construction at the same time。At the same time, because there are often many variable construction factors on the construction site, the construction organization of wet mixed mortar is difficult, and the project quality is difficult to control. At present, the opening time of wet mixed mortar is mostly designed for 24 hours。

Dry mixed mortar, the finished product storage time is long, can be stored in the storage tank for 6 months, with the use of mixed, flexible use without waste, convenient for all kinds of production environment construction use, avoid an accident in the construction。

Due to dry mixing mortar raw materials,Dry sand is screened,According to the different mortar required for construction,Ability to adjust fineness modulus and gradation,The sand of wet mixed mortar cannot guarantee reasonable grading requirements,Therefore, the construction performance of dry mixed mortar is better than that of wet mixed mortar,High spraying pressure,Strong adhesion,Bond firmly,There will be no wet mix on the wall spraying is not smooth,The problem of jamming,No hollowing, cracking and shedding。In the northern dry areas, dry mixed mortar can better reflect the advantages。

2, different production equipment

Wet mixed mortar, the choice of raw materials is large, the aggregate can be used dry material, can also be used wet material and do not need to dry, so it can reduce production costs。Wet mixed mortar is produced by concrete mixing station renovation or special wet mortar station,Equipment for batching accuracy, micro admixture addition of professional upgrade,However, it is limited by the wet sand screening and grading of raw materials,Wet mix mortar variety is single,The plastering and floor mortar in ordinary mortar are the same gradation,Therefore, the current wet mix mortar is mainly used in plastering mortar,Due to the effect of mortar setting time,It is necessary to strengthen the management of construction and material transportation,Avoid material waste。

Dry mixed mortar, produced by specialized mixing equipment。Due to the drying and high-quality screening of the raw materials at the front end of the equipment, the sand grading is controllable, and the measurement accuracy is accurately controlled by various metering scales, which can meet the needs of customers for high-quality mortar。

3. Different varieties

Because wet mix mortar is produced in the form of wet mix, it is not suitable for the production of mortar with high viscosity, so the mortar varieties are less, and there are only masonry, plastering, ground and other mortar varieties。

Dry mixed mortar produces dry materials, which are not restricted by the production method, so there are many varieties of mortar, but the varieties of raw materials are much more than wet mixed mortar and are much more complex。

4, sand treatment is different

The sand for wet mixed mortar does not need to be dried, while the sand for dry mixed mortar needs to be dried。

5, transport equipment is different

Wet mixed mortar, the transportation radius is within 40 kilometers, and the transportation time is not more than one hour。Each ton of wet mortar contains 170-190 kilograms of water, which is 15% more than the transport volume of dry mixed mortar, and the electricity consumption required for the production of this part and the fuel consumption of transportation will increase a certain cost。Wet mixed mortar is usually transported centrally by mixing tank trucks to ensure that the mortar does not produce stratification and segregation during transportation。At present, the volume of tank truck commonly used in concrete enterprises is 9 square, and it is necessary to have a large construction surface and construction personnel at the same time to consume a tank truck of wet mixed mortar transported every day, and the supply method of "small number of times" is the main reason for the high transportation cost of wet mixed mortar。

Dry mixed mortar, transport radius can radiate to 80 kilometers, bulk dry mixed mortar can be transported by tank truck, bag can be transported by car, manufacturers can reasonably arrange the time, make full use of vehicles。1000 square of dry mixed mortar, there are 35 cars is enough, its time requirements are not very strict, manufacturers can be very reasonable arrangements for the use of vehicles。Can be stored for a long time, construction rain or shine, with use。However, it will increase the cost of purchasing mobile silos (real-time tracking of location and material surplus), logistics vehicles and product bulk packaging equipment, and the investment is large。

6. Cost analysis

From the perspective of cost, because wet mixed mortar can be chosen to be shared with concrete mixing stations, logistics vehicles can be shared, the output of wet mixed mortar and concrete can be superimposed together to achieve the purpose of dual-use in one station, so its equipment investment and production costs are greatly reduced compared with dry mixed mortar。

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