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  • 2023/7/15 Chengdu mortar factory | gypsum base self-leveling mortar types and advantages of introduction

    Gypsum self-leveling mortar is short for self-leveling ground gypsum, also known as self-leveling gypsum, is made of gypsum material, special aggregate and a variety of building chemical additives in the factory prepared, mixed evenly and a kind of dry mortar specially used for ground leveling。First, the type of gypsum self-leveling mortar According to the different types of gypsum, gypsum self-leveling mortar glue...

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  • 2022/9/22 Some precautions about dry mixed mortar, it is recommended to collect!

    Dry mixed mortar is a mixture of cement, dry aggregate or powder, additives and other components determined according to performance, measured and mixed in a professional production plant according to a certain proportion, and mixed with water or supporting ingredients in the specified proportion at the site of use。According to the packaging form is divided into bags and bulk two。Ready-mixed dry mortar, especially masonry mortar and plastering

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  • 2022/6/15 | Dry mixed mortar in the application of dry mixed mortar 10 common problems and reasons

    Chengdu dry mixed mortar manufacturers to take you to understand the dry mixed mortar in the application of 10 common problems and cause analysis。1, when the mortar is used, the dry mixed mortar produced by coarse artificial sand feels better, and the large particle size of the sand is generally less than 3.5mm, far less than the standard 4.75mm, the construction workers feel that the mortar is still thicker, in fact, the feeling is thicker.

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  • 2022/1/8 There may be a lot you don't know about Chengdu ready-mixed mortar

    Chengdu ready-mixed mortar is produced by specialized manufacturers, used in construction projects in a variety of mortar mix, is a new building material developed in recent years, according to the performance can be divided into ordinary ready-mixed mortar and special mortar 。Ordinary mortar mainly includes masonry mortar, plastering mortar and ground mortar。Masonry mortar, plaster mortar is mainly used for bearing...

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  • 2021/10/15 What are the requirements for the use of premixed mortar?

    Mortar is a commonly used material in construction and decoration, and the previous mortar was manually adjusted。And now with the development of high-tech, mortar no longer need to be manually blended, the construction method has become simple。The following Xiaobian take you to understand the ready-mixed mortar。Ready-mixed mortar refers to the composition of cement, sand, and the required admixtures and admixtures, according to...

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  • 2021/9/14 Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of Chengdu ready-mixed mortar and freshly mixed mortar

    Using ready-mixed mortar instead of traditional on-site mixing mortar is one of the important ways to improve civilized construction, reduce dust, improve project quality and speed up construction。Prohibit the on-site mixing of mortar, realize the commercialization of mortar and the mechanization of construction, is to promote the development of circular economy, the implementation of energy saving and emission reduction, the realization of construction industry technology progress and other win-win situation.

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  • 2021/5/31 Building materials take you to understand what are the advantages of dry mixed mortar

    With the continuous improvement of engineering quality, environmental protection requirements and civilized construction requirements, the shortcomings and limitations of mixed mortar on the construction site are becoming more and more prominent, and traditional mortar is difficult to meet the requirements of civilized construction and environmental protection, while dry mixed mortar is favored by more and more people because of its advantages in technical performance and social benefits。The following by Sichuan construction building materials to take you...

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  • 2021/4/6 Polymer cement waterproof mortar method

    Polymer cement waterproof mortar is a waterproof material with cement and fine aggregate as the main raw materials, polymer and additives as modified materials and mixed with appropriate ratio。The products are divided into dry powder (Class I) and emulsion (Class II) according to the state of polymer modified materials. Class I: composed of cement, fine aggregate and polymer dry powder, additives, etc.;...

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  • 2021/2/19 What is dry mixed mortar?This is the architectural artifact, and you'll be impressed

    In the construction industry, our building backbone has always been mortar, and dry mixed mortar is more convenient to operate and other advantages, has been loved by workers。 1, because it is a fully enclosed mixing equipment, it will not have dust pollution。 2, on-site stirring, after the amount of water is set, generally do not need to do...

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  • 2020/6/3 Where is the superiority of Sichuan dry mixed mortar reflected?

    Do you know the superiority of Sichuan dry mixed mortar?If you do not understand, you may wish to take a look at the Xiaobian for everyone to explain it。Dry mixed mortar is a new type of energy-saving green building material with superior performance and is the crystallization of modern science and technology。Dry mixed mortar has the following advantages compared with the traditional mortar: 1. There are many kinds of products: different varieties can be provided according to different needs.

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